Gitops model for Kubernetes using ArgoCD


  • gitops/argocd/bootstrap : Argo-CD deployment
  • gitops/argocd/stacks : Portefaix stacks : Argo-CD projects and applications
  • gitops/argocd/apps/<CLOUD>/<ENVIRONMENT> : Argo-CD applications deployed into the Kubernetes cluster
  • gitops/argocd/charts : Helm charts configurations

To configure the Helm charts, we use YAML files :

  • values.yaml: common configuration to all Kubernetes cluster
  • values-<CLOUD>-<ENVIRONMENT>.yaml : configuration of the Helm chart for a Kubernetes cluster



❯ make argocd-bootstrap ENV=<environment> CLOUD=<cloud provider> CHOICE=helm


Install a stack into the cluster:

❯ make argocd-stack-install ENV=<environment> CLOUD=<cloud provider> STACK=<stack name>
Argo-CD Stacks

You can list stack installed:

❯ helm list -A
NAME    NAMESPACE       REVISION        UPDATED                                         STATUS          CHART           APP VERSION
argo-cd argocd          1               2022-06-08 07:40:20.039787662 +0200 CEST        deployed        argo-cd-1.0.0   4.5.0
core    argocd          1               2022-06-08 07:42:03.285558277 +0200 CEST        deployed        stack-0.1.0     0.1.0
system  argocd          1               2022-06-08 07:41:21.749647011 +0200 CEST        deployed        stack-0.1.0     0.1.0

Argo-CD applications installs others Argo-CD applications :

Argo-CD Observability Argo-CD Grafana

Go to Argo-CD dashboard, you will see Argo-CD corresponding applications.

You can list Stack applications using the labels portefaix-stack


sealed-secrets is used to store secrets into Kubernetes.

Fetch the certificate that you will use to encrypt your secrets, and store it into .secrets/<CLOUD>/<ENV>/sealed-secrets/cert.pem :

❯ kubeseal --fetch-cert --controller-name=sealed-secrets -n kube-system > .secrets/aws/staging/sealed-secrets/

Create a SealedSecrets from a file :

❯ make kubeseal-encrypt CLOUD=aws ENV=staging \
    FILE=.secrets/aws/staging/kube-prometheus-stack/object-store.yaml \
    NAME=thanos-objstore-config NAMESPACE=monitoring \
    > ./gitops/argocd/apps/aws/staging/apps/thanos-objstore-config.yaml