Authentication and Authorization

Authentication and authorization support for Portefaix in GCP

This section shows the how to setup Portefaix with authentication and authorization support in Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Cloud IAP

To enable Cloud IAP, you need first to configure the OAuth consent screen. If you still haven’t configured the OAuth consent screen, you can do so with an email address and product name. See

Then creates the Oauth credentials. Select the OAuth client ID from the Create credentials drop-down list and then select web application from the application type. Next, add a name for your OAuth client ID and click create.

Configure Gcloud

❯ . ./ gcp
[ Portefaix ]
Setup credentials

Configure kubectl

❯ make -f hack/build/ gck-kube-credentials CLOUD=gcp ENV=dev
❯ kubectl get nodes
NAME                                                  STATUS   ROLES    AGE     VERSION
gke-xxxxxxxxxx-cluster-g-core-5d5d62be-tf15   Ready    <none>   7h37m   v1.18.10-gke.601

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