Install Portefaix

Instructions for deploying Portefaix on Azure


Export Azure credentials:


create a service principal:

❯ make -f hack/build/ azure-sp

The appId, password, and tenant values are used in the next step:

export ARM_SUBSCRIPTION_ID="<azure_subscription_id>"
export ARM_TENANT_ID="<azure_subscription_tenant_id>"
export ARM_CLIENT_ID="<service_principal_appid>"
export ARM_CLIENT_SECRET="<service_principal_password>"

Storage for Terraform

Create a Storage Account :

❯ make -f hack/build/ azure-storage-account

You could see the Key on the output.

Create storage container for Terraform states:

❯ make -f hack/build/ azure-storage-container AZ_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_KEY="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Set permissions:

❯ make -f hack/build/ azure-permissions

Enable preview features:

❯ make -f hack/build/ azure-wasi


Github Actions with Terraform Cloud could used to deploy the infrastructure:

Portefaix Azure deployment

Gitops for Kubernetes

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