Authentication and Authorization

Authentication and authorization support for Portefaix in AWS

This section shows the how to setup Portefaix with authentication and authorization support in Amazon Webservices (AWS)

Configure AWS

❯ . ./ aws
[ Portefaix ]
Setup credentials


You would use the AWS System Manager plugin to connect to EC2 and EKS instances:

❯ aws ec2 describe-instances --output table

❯ aws ssm start-session --target i-019042b3847f5c81f
Starting session with SessionId: portefaix-admin-031b2ba6d981142b0

Configure kubectl

❯ make kubernetes-credentials CLOUD=aws ENV=staging
❯ kubectl get nodes
NAME                                        STATUS   ROLES    AGE    VERSION   Ready    <none>   101m   v1.18.9-eks-d1db3c   Ready    <none>   101m   v1.18.9-eks-d1db3c

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