Install Portefaix

Instructions for deploying Portefaix on Alibaba Cloud


Create an admin user, then API Keys. And configure Portefaix environment file ${HOME}/.config/portefaix/

# Alicloud
function setup_alicloud() {
    # Alicloud User: Portefaix Admin
    export ALICLOUD_ACCESS_KEY="xxxxxxxxxx"
    export ALICLOUD_SECRET_KEY="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
    export ALICLOUD_REGION="eu-central-1"
    # For Terraform Cloud
    export TF_VAR_access_key="${ALICLOUD_ACCESS_KEY}"
    export TF_VAR_secret_key="${ALICLOUD_SECRET_KEY}"
    export TF_VAR_region="${ALICLOUD_REGION}"

And load environment :

❯ . ./ alicloud

Storage for Terraform

Create an OSS bucket for Terraform states:

❯ make -f hack/build/ aliyun-bucket-create ENV=staging

Create a TableStore instance:

❯ make -f hack/build/ aliyun-tablestore-create ENV=staging

Terraform Cloud / Github Actions

Terraform Cloud is used as the remote backend. Github Actions perform tasks to deploy the Alibaba Cloud infrastructure.

Portefaix Alibaba Cloud deployment

Gitops for Kubernetes

See : Gitops with FluxCD or Gitops with ArgoCD